Service Areas and Expertise:

Environmental & General Science
Environmental Project Management
Environmental Forensics
Exploratory and Inferential Data Analysis (EDA)
Environmental Chemistry & Geochemistry
Strategic Planning & Brainstorming
Problem Resolution Tactics
Litigation Support / Expert Witness Testimony
Client/Stakeholder/Regulator Interactions
Problem Evaluation and Resolution
Proposal Development and Preparation
Remedial Action Plans
Compliance Negotiations
Geochemical Modeling
Conceptual Site Modeling
Permeable Reactive Barriers
Landfill Issues
Monitoring and Sentry Wells
Low-Flow & Passive Purging and Sampling
Exposure Pathway Determinations
Contaminant Remediation
Site Inspection, Assessment, Characterization
Hydrogeologic Investigations
Industrial Discharge Permits

Experience in all media and their interfaces
Surface Water
Soils and Sediments
Air Quality
Biology & Ecology

Examples of our services are provided in the sub-tabs, above. Examples of project reports are located here.

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