Note: Updates to the reference zone were never funded. The references available are mostly pre-1998. However this was the period during which much, if not most of the seminal research as well as great strides in understanding and use of PRB technology, was gained. The PRB reference zone is being maintained as a courtesy to all the sites that link to it and to the students and practitioners who might find it useful. The entrance is below, at the bottom of the page.

Due to the complexity of developing these summaries, we do not guarantee their accuracy. They are intended only as guideposts to information that you might find useful. Please obtain the original articles to which the summaries are referent rather than relying on the veracity of these tables. There is no warranty, either expressed or implied, accompanying the use of these tables.

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Reference Table Abbreviations:
US = Ultrasound; SA = Surface Area; GW = Groundwater; ZHE = Zero Head-Space Extractors; MBS = Master Builders Supply; ND = Nondetectable; RT = Residence Time

References Afi-Can
References Che-Has
References Hei-Ozd
References Pow-Zou
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