Powell & Associates Science Services -
Service Areas:

Environmental Science

Environmental Project Management
Surface Water
Soils and Sediments
Air Quality
Environmental Chemistry & Geochemistry
Permeable Reactive Barriers
Landfill Issues
Monitoring and Sentry Wells
Low-Flow & Passive Purging and Sampling
Exposure Pathway Determinations
Contaminant Remediation
Site Inspection, Assessment, Characterization
Hydrogeologic Investigations
Industrial Discharge Permits
Remedial Action Plans
Compliance Negotiations
Geochemical Modeling
Conceptual Site Modeling

General Science & Business Application
Exploratory and Inferential Data Analysis (EDA)
Strategic Planning & Brainstorming
Problem Resolution Tactics
Litigation Support / Expert Witness Testimony
Client/Stakeholder/Regulator Interactions
Proposal Development and Preparation
Problem Evaluation and Resolution

Examples of our services are provided in the sub-tabs, above and in the "Service Shorts" columns on many of the website pages. Examples of project reports are located here.

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