Analyses & Statistics

Powell & Associates Science Services has extensive experience in carrying out routine statistical analyses as well as using exploratory and inferential data analysis (EDA) to analyze complex problems and find the causes of and solutions for those problems.

We have all the necessary tools to span the range of your data complexity, from simple to highly multivariate. These software tools include Wizard (, Aabel (, DataDesk (, and R ( Which software, or which combination to use, depends upon your needs. Best of all, unlike many other consulting companies you are not charged extra for their use, the base consulting fee remains the same.

Links to an EDA introduction and two detailed examples of the use of EDA are provided below to illustrate some of our capabilities.

J.W. Tukey coined the term “exploratory data analysis,” in 1977. He defined and described EDA as follows:

“…the examination of data with minimal preconceptions about its structure through which it is hoped that relationships and patterns, at least some of which are unanticipated, will be uncovered.”